Taylor Reneau

Taylor graduated from Harvard in 2015. When most of her friends were choosing jobs in finance and consulting, she decided to become a YouTuber.  On her first channel, YesReneau, she uses poetry, storytelling, and sit-down talks to help her subscribers better navigate the “real world”. On her second YT channel, Ivy Advise, she shares the content that will enable anyone to get into the Ivy League or any top-tier colleges in the USA. 

She has now created a course that prepares you for college applications by increasing your chances of getting into Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, UPenn, and other elite colleges (e.g. Stanford) by coaching you through the process. In order to best prepare students, it uses a hybrid approach of an online course plus individualized consulting.

Planet Impact listeners can use a special coupon code to get US$200 off on the Ivy Advise online course. The coupon code is PLANETIMPACT and it's limited to the first 20 students who enrol. Use this link to see the course and purchase it: https://ivyadvise.lpages.co/enrollivyadvise/

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