Sujay Santra

Sujay worked in IBM & Oracle for over 12 years, before founding iKure in 2010. The social venture was incepted with the vision to provide affordable and accessible, quality primary healthcare up to the last mile using technology intervention. Realizing that there will never be sufficient doctors to treat patients in India individually, iKure led by Sujay is changing the public healthcare system from an individualized curative model to a community based preventive healthcare system to ensure holistic well-being of communities. Within 9 years of its journey, iKure is catering to 8 million underserved people across seven states in India. Today, iKure is recognized as a prominent sustainable primary healthcare model in the world.

Sujay’s strong technology & business skills backed by his never-say-die spirit has led iKure to many milestones. In recognition of his outstanding efforts in the field of social innovation, he has been awarded the Ashoka Fellowship & received appreciation by the Hon’ble President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee in 2016 and conferred with the ‘100 Most Impactful Healthcare Leader Award’ by World Health & Wellness Congress in 2018. An eminent speaker across the global platform, Sujay did MCA from IETE and EPGM from MIT Sloan School of Management, USA.

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