Prashant Lingam

Mr Prashant is the founder of Bamboo House India that works in creating sustainable bamboo-based livelihoods. It utilises bamboo as an economic driver for providing sustainable livelihood opportunities to rural and tribal communities at the base of the economic pyramid. He is also a consultant at the United Nations Development Programme - Plastic Waste Management Project.
His innovative social business model has been studied by universities such as Harvard, Cornell, Kellogg, ISB and more. He has received guest invitations from the Govt.of the United States of America and Govt. of Kenya.

He has been named among the world's 100 social entrepreneurs. His work has been widely used in research journals and also in the World Bank Report. Known as the "bamboo man", he is one of the most humble guests we had on the show.

He is credited for building the world's first “Recycled Plastic House” and has developed several innovative products with plastic waste, scrap Tyres, drums, bicycles, textile waste, etc.

Mr Prashant's story is of ultimate struggle. In his mid-thirties, five years after starting the business, he had 60 lakh Indian rupees in debt, he suffered multiple personal tragedies and had considered suicide as an alternative. With a child on its way, the ends were hard to meet.

With no institution believing in them and zero government support, Mr Prashant and his wife fought their way back to paying all the debts and making 'Bamboo House India' as a global sensation.


> What advises to your younger self? - Make more mistakes. Fail more. Fail fast.

> Quote: "Manthan, always remember to sit on this cushion called patience. You will go a long way."

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