Pablo Santaeufemia

"I am always looking for inspiring, bright and young interns"

Pablo is the founder of Bridge for Billions , one of the worlds best social entrepreneurship programs backed by the United Nations, Coca-Cola, Brown and MIT University amongst many others.

Pablo is an entrepreneurship and innovation geek, Forbes 30 under 30, and Ashoka Fellow, who’s driven by his desire to make all that he’s learned available to everyone. He graduated from Brown University and Carnegie Mellon University. His story is truly mind-blowing!

Pablo was born in Madrid, Spain, in a relatively low-income family. His father passed away when he was 13. He got a scholarship to go to highschool at UWC-USA. He was always a good student. After high school, he took a gap year, volunteered in an NGO in India, and got a scholarship to study in a peculiar summer program where he lived on a Ship and travelled the world. For college, he got a full scholarship from Brown University to study mechanical engineering. He went to an exchange program in China, spoke fluent Chinese and worked there. Later, he did a dual masters from Carnegie Mellon University, worked at the UN and started the award-winning 'Bridge for Billions' in 2013. Bridge for Billions is a global digital ecosystem of entrepreneurship programs that help early-stage entrepreneurs worldwide to structure, develop and refine their businesses. Learn more about his life and exciting projects in this podcast.


> Book: The Business Solution to Poverty by Paul Polak

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