Miriam Lancewood

Miriam is a best-selling author of the book 'Woman in Wilderness'. She lives with her husband in the New Zealand wilderness, surviving in extreme conditions by hunting wild animals and foraging edible plants. Miriam Lancewood has given up all modern-day comforts to live life right on the edge and off-grid.

Her book, now translated in many languages, is her story of living six years in the wilderness with her husband. In 2017, Miriam and Peter left New Zealand to explore other wild places. They walked 2000 km through the forest of Europe and along the coast of Turkey, mostly camping under trees and cooking by fire. It's a gripping story about life and death, courage and the power of love.

In this podcast, we dive deeper into her life in isolation and wilderness. It's her untold story from a youth-olympian, travelling through Africa, India, South-east Asia and living in New Zealand as a nomad with her husband. 

Interestingly, we met at the Emirates Dubai Literature Festival in February 2020 and became good friends.


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