Mesut Keskin

Mesut is an Ashoka Fellow, and founder-CEO of E-Bursum. E-Bursum is the biggest educational finance platform in Turkey that digitizes and democratizes financial opportunities for students.

Mesut established E-bursum to build a democratization and digitization movement aiming to make student scholarships and loans more transparent, fair, and impactful in Turkey. Mesut is turning a dysfunctional financial instrument in education into an empowerment tool and fundamentally changing the ways scholarship givers and recipients interact with one another.

Mesut grew up in a large family in Eastern Turkey. When a devastating earthquake hit their city and his father’s business went into bankruptcy in 2011, Mesut came across financial hardship for the first time in his life. Having spent his youth years away from home, in boarding schools, Mesut mentioned his first year at the university as the hardest one of his life due to many other problems following the earthquake incidence.

Mesut spent his first year at university searching for scholarships, loans, and flexible job opportunities while observing many others like him dropping out of school or ending up homeless. Being one of the members of the city council at the age of 18, Mesut tried his best to persuade municipalities to build living centers for homeless students. After failing in this exert, he started to contemplate the ways of building a democratic and transparent system that triggers citizens to work for the overall wealth of the youngsters.

A computer engineer by education, Mesut started to design an online platform to ease the processes of scholarship applications and evaluations by the age of 20. After the launch of the beta version of E-bursum, Mesut kept innovating and improving his platform, while also noticing other challenges youth face because of financial difficulties in Turkey. He dedicated himself to solving these problems one by one by using the opportunities of 21st century, especially the internet and new technologies.

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