Krishna Allavaru

Mr. Allavaru is a lawyer by profession who has been associated with student politics since his days at the University of Delhi. He deems the youth as the catalyst of societal and political change. He spearheads the Indian National Congress's initiatives on all fronts, be it in taking on the government on any issue or making outreach programs in different parts of the country. 

He has an LLM from Georgetown University and an MBA from INSEAD. Formerly, he worked at KPMG in India, and The Boston Consulting Group in Singapore for many years before joining politics. At Indian National Congress, he shares the responsibility of drawing the roadmaps of the organization.

This conversation was originally recorded for a book interview. In this episode, he talks about how youngsters should be a changemaker. He recommends youngsters to strive for positive, and sustainable change that is achieved through positive means. His key advice to the young listeners is to,

"Have the tenacity to see things through. Have persistence and conviction in your goals."

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