Devika Malik

Devika is the co-founder of Wheeling Happiness Foundation, the Queen’s Young Leader Awardee 2015, UN Women Transforming India winner, Global Happiness Leader and Forbes 30 under 30 awardee 2020.

"One mistake that many of us make is equating disability with inability. Sometimes, we disqualify people just by assuming that they will be unable to perform a certain task."

Born a premature baby with acute neonatal jaundice and hemiplegia, Devika Malik was paralysed on one side of the body. Despite her disability, nothing could stop Devika from becoming an international para-athlete. In five years (2011-2016), she won eight national and three international medals in para-athletics.

She is trained as a Psychologist. With her mother, Padma Sri Deepa Malik, she started 'Wheeling Happiness Foundation' which is an NGO working to ensure an inclusive world & enable people with disabilities to achieve their potential. As part of their COVID response, Wheeling Happiness is supporting underprivileged families of people with disabilities with dry rations, sanitary kits & cash in hand. Today they are also providing cooked meals and free telephonic counselling.

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