Caitlyn Lubas

Caitlyn is the author of You Are Where You Go: A Traveler’s Coming of Age Journey Through 70 Countries and 7 Continents During College. 

She wrote this book to inspire others with her personal stories of how travel has changed her perspectives about the world. Her goal is to prompt readers to see travel as a tool for personal development and to spark readers’ desires to learn and grow outside of their comfort zones because everywhere you go becomes a part of you!

From visiting penguins in Antarctica to riding motorbikes in rural Vietnam, from camping in eastern Africa to solo traveling in Australia, she has done it all. 

Caitlyn Lubas is a graduate of NYU Stern School of Business and a former Product Specialist at Instagram who recently quit her full-time job to pursue her dream of being a travel author, content creator, and entrepreneur full time.

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