Arijit Patra

Arijit Patra is a PhD student at the University of Oxford. He is one of the few recipients of the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.

He works at the intersection of Machine Learning for diagnosis of Fetal Echocardiography. He graduated from IIT-Kharagpur with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. Order of Merit, Social & Cultural, IIT Kharagpur. In his tenure there, he won the prestigious Honda Scholarship to study and work in the University of Tokyo.

He is passionate about helping marginalised communities with coding and education and travelling.

Having just finished his Ph. D, from Oxford University in Environmental Engineering. He studies machine learning and biomechanical models for diagnosis of fetal echocardiography videos to predict Congenital Heart Diseases and associated pathological anomalies. His recent work has expanded into the inclusion of sonographer eye fixations as a proxy for expert knowledge incorporation in machine learning for medical imaging, Besides consideration of algorithmic bias, fairness and interpretability in medical image analysis.

He came to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar (one of the 89 elected worldwide for the class of 2016).

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